Structure Design Considerations

It's all in the Design!

Will your building design help it burn down? Will it catch all the flying embers that are close? The more a structure can resist catching burning embers the more chance it has of not burning. 


Large and many windows create more avenues for fire to enter. 

Ember Traps

Large overhangs can trap embers. Inside corners can trap embers. 

Holes and Openings

Try as much as you can to limit openings in the structure. Holes and openings end up being path ways for burning material to enter and burn your structure. 

Fire Risk Decks

Decks that have openings under them. Decks that are made of combustible materials. Decks that are adhered to the house. 


Eve Vents and gable end vents can allow embers to fly into the structure. When embers and sparks enter building vents it is almost like opening a vent on a wood burning stove. The fire makes heat rise. This pulls in more air and feeds oxygen to the fire and speeds up the fires spread.