A New Thought Process to building planning

The first goal of a design team should be to create a structure that is durable enough to survive the events it will experience in its life time. Has the area experienced fire, floods, hurricanes tornadoes or seismic events? What steps are needed to add resilience to the structure? What would it take to insure the structure can survive events that happen in the area it is being built? The client should be advised as to what the cost and return would be. 

Look at your home or building from a different vantage point. What is your goal and what are the steps you want to or are willing to take to make your building and the people that are in it safe. 

We know how to build bunkers. Your basic underground bunker is very safe. Placed underground, in the middle of the desert with no combustible material for miles would about as safe as you can get from a fire safe standpoint. 

Living in a canvas tent on the side of a steep hill in a dry windy area surrounded by 4’ tall dried grass would be very dangerous form a fire stand point.    

Like ever thing else in life you need to make tradeoffs to get the balance that is right for you. 

As Californians we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We have made decisions to live in the middle of trees on the edge of cliffs with little to no thought of steps needed to keep safe. I fall into this same category of people so I am not preaching. But we should start to at least look at what we should do to increase our survivability and the structures survivability when we build in high fire danger areas. 

Please look at your next project with resiliency and safety in mind. 

In the military they have a saying.  “The enemy has a say”.   Setting up to defend an area one of the first things a good commander will do is turn the map around.  How will the enemy attack our area? Ask yourself how will fire attack your structure. 

At the start of your project think what steps should I have taken for when a fire comes.  Try and put yourself in the boots of a fire fighter that has to fight your fire. Did your decisions make the job easier or harder? 

We want to provide you with resources to save lives and property. When the fires come. I want the incident commander and the fire fighters to feel confident and be safe in executing the fire battel to save your home.