Defensible Space and the Fire Ladder

The weeds will start the bushes. The bushes will start the trees. The whole thing will burn your home.  Reduce the fuel source as much as you can.  Try to limit or remove as much of one of the three legs in the fire triangle as you can. You can not get ride of the air but you can reduce fuel.

Where did you locate the building?  Best view? Or most fire safe?  Again, not an easy chose but think about it. Do the bushes and trees provide fuel and then heat to the side of your structure? Make sure they do not. 

But the three most important things to saving your home are #1Defensible Space #2Defensible Space and #3Defensible Space.  If your property and home are a virtual trail of combustible materials from the property line to your home there will be nothing that can be done to save it. Your home will burn down. You have chosen to have your home burn down. This is a fact that surprises people but it is reality. 

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