About Us

Our Mission

Building Fire Safe California is on a mission to educate architects, builders and building owners on methods and materials to build Fire Safe structures. Our Goal is to enable the building industry and its clients to make educated and informed decisions on how to build or re-build structures that are safe, energy efficient and economical. We want to share ideas toward better, safer buildings.

Outstanding Professional Experience and Product Knowledge

Kent Yonker offers forty years of experience in the construction industry. He is the Owner/Operator of Performance Wall Systems LLC, a company that markets high performance wall systems, and a territory manager, trainer and technical support for the Western Division for the Logix Fire resistant wall system,  working to educate on better, safer and stronger ways to build. 

Personal Experience

Kent was moved from frustration to action having to evacuate his own family from the Butte Fire.  Luckily their home was spared. He is personally driven to share with the building industry better options than rebuilding with the same typical materials that were just destroyed from fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornedos. His main area of expertise is in the building envelope or exterior.